Sized just right: 5 ways boutique agencies enhance brands
28/04/16 Sparkcell # ,

Sized just right: 5 ways boutique agencies enhance brands

More and more we hear industry buzz about companies moving away from traditional styled agencies in favor of boutique or specialized agencies like SparkCell.

Why all the hype?

There are a ton of reasons boutique agencies make ideal partners. Here is my top 5:

1. They take creative risks

Boutique agencies survive by pushing creative farther. They take the risks that committee-led agencies can’t.

In this world, standing out is becoming increasingly harder to do. Boutique agencies have the personalities that can help a brand create programs remain authentic and heard.

 2. They test new approaches

Testing new approaches is critical to a successful marketing program, but tests (plural, because it often takes several) are hard to justify when they come with a big price tag. That’s where a boutique agency comes in. They’re cost-effective and can move quickly through a series of tests and iterations to develop best practices that make bigger marketing programs more effective.

3. They give every project priority

Boutique agencies have to prove themselves with every project. So they treat small projects as golden opportunities instead of a bother to be handed down to a junior team member.

4. They can spin up, fast

Zero bureaucracy and a willingness to take on projects at a moment’s notice make boutique agencies ideal for fast-moving projects.

5. They show up each day, every day

Agency leaders, regardless of agency size, are usually pretty smart people. But getting time from the CEO of a blue chip agency can be a frustrating—not to mention expensive—experience. The senior leaders of boutique agencies keep their hands on every project. It’s this leadership that delivers the precision, speed and priority that brands need in a fast-paced market.

Plus, boutique agencies are more fun. Anything to add?

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