April 11, 2016

How Golf Can Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Ads

How Golf Can Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Ads

The other day I had one of my worst rounds of golf ever. But as bad as it was, the day provided a good lesson on why so many ad programs struggle to hit their conversion goals.


Off the first tee box I hooked the ball out of bounds and scored an 8 on the hole. The frustration of hitting a bad drive was in my head, so I spent the whole game trying to hit my driver straight.

My drives did get a bit better but to my surprise, I still ended up with a horrible overall score. Upon reflection, I realized that the biggest reason for my bad score was that I was focused on only one aspect of my game (my drives), and I didn’t pay attention to my iron shots, chipping or putting.

Similarly, when marketers get a bad score on their ad programs (their conversion rate is poor) they generally blame it on the ad itself. So they focus on tweaking the creative, copy, targeting, bid strategy, etc. These tweaks are important, but to perform well you cannot forget the other elements that affect conversion.

What are some of those other elements?

Landing Page Experience

You’re going to lose conversions if your landing page doesn’t align to your ad. So make sure everything aligns, including the creative, copy and messaging of the landing page. Also, make sure you’ve provided enough content to be informative, but not so much that you distract customers from the main call to action. Speaking of which, make sure your call to action is clear and prominent and aligns with the call to action of the ad that drove them to the landing page.

Signup or Purchase Experience

This is a critical element. Often an ad campaign drives customers to a site but fails when the signup or purchase experience is too long or confusing. If you want to score well on your campaign, optimize the signup or purchase experience. For example, limit the number clicks to conversion and integrate the signup form into the landing page.


Many customers will engage with your ads while at work, on a trip or when they’re out and about. They may be interested in your offer, but they don’t have enough time on their first visit to engage deeply enough to convert.  So make sure retargeting is a central element in your conversion campaign. Here’s a suggestion: begin by allocating 10-15% of your budget to retargeting and modify the retargeting budget based on results.


Similar to retargeting, email can improve the conversion rate of your campaigns. Depending on your product or service, customers may provide an email address for one reason or another, but they don’t actually become a “customer”. If this is the case, targeted emails are an effective way to bring customers back to your site and convert them into paying customers.

What other clubs do you have in your bag for improving conversion? Let us know.

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